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Your Dream Car For Less™

Buying a used car can be a daunting experience for many people, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Car Consultants, as Australia’s premier used car broker, has compiled a list of tips to help you buy a second hand car you can be truly happy with, and not one you struggle to resell a year down the track.

The used car checklist

We have created a checklist that whilst ensuring the vehicle you purchase will be of good quality, but will also help you negotiate a better price when meeting with a private seller or dealer.

Make sure each aspect of this checklist is covered when buying secondhand:

  • Choose your budget and don’t surpass it.
  • Know what you need from a new car: will you be driving long distance, or is it just a city car? What are its specifications and how old can it be?
  • Ensure with every vehicle you look at that you conduct enough research to be sure about it or keep looking.
  • Be prepared to negotiate the price downwards but don’t allow yourself to go over budget.
  • Don’t overdo the search: look at a couple of cars a day so that you don’t become overwhelmed.
  • Don’t offer too low a price at first – the dealer may laugh you out of the driveway., instead;
  • Haggle with the dealer and don’t let them know you’re overly keen on the car.
  • If you’re not a car expert, make sure you don’t ask random questions that could make the dealer take you for a fool.
  • Keep an eye out for obvious mechanical issues when taking the vehicle for a test drive.
  • Ask to view the owner’s manual to see that it has received adequate servicing – if the owner doesn’t want to show it to you it might be a good idea to walk away.
  • Ensure you arrange insurance cover before driving away in the vehicle.

We can do it all for you!

The Car Consultants brokerage experts have years of experience in dealing with sellers and ensuring a vehicle is worth purchasing. If buying a used car isn’t your forte, or you don’t have the time to take care of it, contact our team.

We provide a highly skilled car brokerage service that ensures our valued clientele get the very deals out of buying a secondhand car, and we’ll be happy to do the same for you.