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Frequently Asked Questions

While every single customer has their own requirements, we find there are some common questions that we get asked on a daily basis. Let us know if you need any specific questions answered through our Contact Page or directly with your consultant.

Do you arrange Trade-Ins?

Have an existing vehicle you’re looking to sell before you purchase your new one? 

Our team will appraise your car, arrange a purchase estimate, and even look to offset the amount from your new purchase as a trade-in. This means you can potentially drive your existing vehicle up to the day of settlement on your new car  – all with no need for car rentals, chasing down prospective purchasers, or running your own car sales ads. 

If you have an existing vehicle you’d like to trade, please contact our team

Can you arrange finance and insurance?

If you’ve secured the services of a Car Consultant and you’ve found the car you want, your next steps might be to organise insurance and/or finance if you don’t have the cash up front. 

While there are many great offers in the market it can often be hard to tell which will best suit your needs. Our team has access to a range of trusted and affordable options, just let us know if we can help. 

Where are you based?

Our Team of Car Consultants are located throughout Australia, and our network of dealerships, auction houses, and wholesale partners extend just as far. 

From the comfort of your own home, office, or lounge, our team will give you access to over 50,000 new and used vehicles. No more hunting down the cheapest car, with the lowest kilometers online, only to realise the photos are two years old and it looks like it’s done plenty more trips around the sun than expected.

We enlist freight companies, detailers, inspectors, and trade experts to ensure your vehicle arrives direct to your door no matter your location. 

Can you negotiate with my local dealership?

A big portion of our business is focused on connecting buyers with ‘off-market’ dealership offers. Not only are we able to negotiate to achieve the best price possible, there are also other things we may be able to secure to help sweeten the deal. This could include, paint protection, window tinting, extended warranty, bull bars, nudge bars, roof racks, or even a premium sound system.

What is the Process?

STEP ONE – Submit your Details and Vehicle Requirements 

Simply complete our online form, include your details, budget, desired vehicle and any other comments. Our team will review your information. Click below to submit your details now. 

STEP TWO  – Our Consultants Search our Wholesale Network 

Our consultants will search our market of dealerships, auction houses, and wholesale network to find a potential vehicle match based on your initial inquiry. We’ll then call to discuss with you some possible vehicle options and see if you have any other specific requests or requirements. 

STEP THREE  – You Pay a $499 $399 Wholesale Access Fee 

We want to ensure that we find the perfect car for your requirements. 

Once we’ve established that we have access to stock that suits your needs, the next step will be to pay our Wholesale Access Fee. This covers our consultants time, your roadworthy, and any other included membership benefits. For a full list of what’s included, please click here.

STEP FOUR  – We Secure The Best Deal and Arrange Delivery 

Our Consultants will work with you to secure your dream vehicle at the best price possible. Once you’ve decided on a car that fits your requirements, our team will arrange an independent third party Roadworthy, deed of sale, and delivery quotes.

One $499 $399 Fee Covers it ALL

Our team goes above and beyond to ensure that you’re happy with your vehicle. Unlike other options, such as buying privately or direct from an auction house, we offer the following included FREE of Charge within our membership fee.

Included - Comprehensive Vehicle Search

From the very first call until we hand you the keys, we’ll be hunting for your dream vehicle.

As your personal buyer's agent, we’ll work with you according to your requirements and budget, so we can secure you the best possible deal. Once we know what you’re after, our consultants will search the full market of dealerships, auction houses, wholesale networks and private sellers to find the perfect vehicle that meets your needs - and we’ll make sure you get it at the right price.

Included - Safety Certificate / Roadworthy:

Before settlement, our team will arrange an independent third-party Safety Certificate.

This inspection ensures the safety standard of the vehicle in accordance with the Transport Code of Practice. Inspections cover basic safety operations, including suspension, windscreen, steering, lighting, brakes, and tires, but are not a comprehensive mechanical inspection. Most used vehicles do require minor wear and tear items to be replaced prior to delivery.

We’ll provide you with a copy of your Certificate, along with our recommendations for any work we suggest you undertake to comply with local government requirements.

Included - Full Interior and Exterior Detail:

Before the delivery of your vehicle, our team will arrange an independent third-party Car Detail.

Detail Includes:

  • High-Pressure Pre-Clean including Bug and tar Removal.
  • Door/boot Jambs degreased and washed and Engine Bay Clean.
  • Exterior Ph neutral hand wash, with Microfiber towel dry.
  • Wheels pre-soaked and cleaned with acid-free cleaners, Tyres dressed, and Exterior glass streak-free.
  • Premium Hand polishing and Exterior plastics treatment. 

Included - Full Tank of Fuel:

We’ll make sure you get your new vehicle with a full tank of fuel, for wherever the road may take you.

Sometimes, it’s the small things that make a big difference. We know that every seller operates differently, so we make sure we deliver your new car filled to the brim, so you can enjoy the drive home without pulling in to the closest service station.