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Your Dream Car For Less™

Over 40 Years of Collective Experience

The Car Consultants™ is made up of a team of industry experts who are passionate about what they do. With over 40 years of collective experience in the automotive trade you can be confident in knowing that our independent service will give you the peace of mind that you’re looking for.

A car broker, much like a mortgage broker, works with a range of companies to secure you the best deal possible. Our unbiased, industry expert knowledge, helps you, the buyer, to secure the best deal possible.

Our Consultants have access to tens of thousands of cars throughout Australia every single day. Choose from the locations below to find a car consultant in your area.


No matter your location, our specialists can work with you to find your dream car for less.

Access Every Leading Automotive Brand

Our Buyers Agents work with Dealers, Auction Houses, and Trade Experts throughout Australia

When Should I Use A Broker?

When you know you want: We recommend you enlist a broker when you’ve narrowed down the make and model of the car you’re looking for, and taken one for a test drive. That way, your dedicated Car Consultant can go straight work to find the best match, and negotiate the best price, on your dream ride.

Even if you don’t: Not sure of the exact vehicle you’re looking for? Don’t stress. Your Car Consultant can leverage their extensive industry knowledge and experience across automotive markets to suggest the most suitable fit.

Whether you’ve got an exact model in mind, or you’re open to suggestions, your parameters are important. Budget, timeframe, and any specific requirements are our foremost consideration, so get started with our new client form here.

Trusted by Thousands of Australians

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